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Party On!

As a wise man once said "Party On!". It's more than just a saying it's a way of life.

I Don't Need GPS

Sometimes getting where you're going doesn't take a GPS ... But sometimes it does.

Gracias Adios

The result of a two year mistranslation and all I got was some laughs and this shirt.

Do It Now, Tomorrow Is Promised To No One!

Words to live by. It's impossible to know what is going to happen tomorrow so you might as well have a catchy slogan on a shirt.


Hashtags are becoming the newest trend in shirts. I know cause I am a hashtag...

Aqua Cola

Don't get addicted to Aqua Cola! You will resent it's absence... Witness!


Sometimes you wake up and have that BOILK feeling. Then you realize that you have important stuff to do.

Fraggle Stick Car

Everyone wants a Fraggle Stick Car for Christmas. Now get the shirt and you're half way there.

Gotta Let Me Soar

Some people think peacock is a verb... well it's also a state of mind. Let me soar!!!

Where's My Mop

Sometimes you gotta get down there with a tooth brush and give life a great big scrub.

Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride

All energy flows according to the whims of the Great Magnet. Buy the ticket, take the ride!

Semi Professional Race Car Driver

I'm also a volunteer fireman. If you're not first, you're last. Trust the car.

Carrots The Other Orange Meat

You've heard of meat, vegetables and even chicken. But have you heard about carrots? The other Orange Meat?

Problem Solver

This not only explains what you do, but also who you are. No problem is to big, no problem is to small.

Obviously You're Not a Bowler

Look around man, does this place look like I'm married? Do you see a ring on my finger, man?


He saved everyone of us. Flash, the savior of the Universe! Aaa Aaaahhh!!!

Egg! It's a Jumping Off Point!

Gotta start somewhere. Why not start with an egg? You know for your desk, so you can squeeze it to relieve stress.

Speedy Delivery

And a Speed Delivery to you today! Everyone loves getting things in the mail. It's a surprise every time.

Get To The Chopper

Like the Governor said: GET TO THE CHOPPER! Do It, Do It Now!!! Aaaahhhhh

Music or the Misery

Did listening to pop music make me miserable? Or am I miserable because I listen to pop music?

Pratt Rules

If you're from south central Kansas, then this is the shirt for you. Let everyone know where you stand on the number one issue of this time and place.

You Are NOT The CONTENTS of Your Wallet

You are whatever you choose to be. Take the sage advice of Tyler Durden to heart.

Do More With More

Some people only want you to do more with less... what would you do with MORE?


Schadenfreude - it's fun to laugh at other people. Just ask the Internet...

Lady Hawke is Canon

Some people may view the 80s movie as cheap thrills, but Halliday thought it was great... and so did Wade Watts.

Mike Honcho

Shake 'n Bake doesn't quite cover it!!!